Designing a Car

The forms, the lines and every detail can create something. Something that can entice people drawing them to see as not just as an object but a desire and need. Just like cars do. It is not just a car but a need and desire. Designing a car is a collaborative process. The collaboration of the minds of great people. Great designers, great engineers and architectures are involved. Their craftsmanship and intellectual capabilities to produce such things are great. They are coming as one to achieve a common aim.

The touch of designers has the power to come up with something out of nothing. The innovation of engineers mean so much. Architecturally, it is a piece that allows technology to come to you when you need to call upon it.

Cars are everywhere. But how great the designs are. The volumes, the details and everything just works so beautifully together. It comes even to reducing the visual noise, reducing the complexity and just bringing the purity. From many stuffs to a fixed, firm and efficient tool. To create something is truly special!

Elegance, sophistication, modernity, glamour…such things define the designing of a car. Every single part is visually connected. It has a reason to be there as a logic.

What is to expected inside? When you go inside, the first thing that people experience is that feeling of sanctuary. A feeling of peace and comfort. A feeling of security.

Cars around the world are in different models and history. One model is an envy of the world, just like the Rover. Other models could be historically influential and some could be the products of the new age.