Good invention feature: The 4 amazing cars that can fly

The world was full of joy and amazement when the first flying machines were invented. The people are in awe how they make the machines fly. The invention of the helicopter was a major breakthrough for humankind. It is one of the event in history that made a good record. From that time on, they develop to make it more convenient and in high quality. Many versions were manufactured and many have put their own ideas to create their desired version. Those days are gone and replaced by flying cars.

The video features four cars that are invented to make them fly. They can run in the road like cars with a different appearance though and they can fly in the sky having the capacity of a helicopter except that it is different in size. The passenger that it can accommodate is only two person. The PAL-V flying car can run fast in the road like a sports car and transform also into a flying machine easily like getting your china visa from this travel industry 台胞證. Another invention is the Terrafugia Transition that is bigger in size than the PAL-V version.

They seem to be a dream before but now they are a reality. If it would be available to the public, it would be amazing to look at them running on the roads then transforming into flying vehicles from this travel service 卡式台胞證費用. We come to think about the best fashion always that comes to the point of we want to be the first person to wear that dress.