The top 10 coolest limousines invented around the world

Automobiles have been developing and many versions, brands, types or even amphibian automobiles already exist around the world. When it was first discovered, the focus to building it is different than the time today. When it was first invented the purpose was to provide transportation so the companies designed ways to be able to build cars that can be used by many people. Whatever is the design as long as it will have good quality and can function for how many years.

Now as you can see in the video, much of it evolved and formed into different kinds of cars with a different purpose. Gone are the days that cars are for transportation of for racing. Now they vary in different sizes and you can even have your own car with a customized design that you want it to look like and what will be put into it. Even if it is not for anyone but it is quite amazing how one invention can lead the world into action. Imagine how many workers, machines, tools, effort, time, money and much more was spent for how many years to build cars.

The government can also design their own cars like those for the purpose of war. They study and have research to build an automobile that could help them to fully carry out the mission that they have accepted, got here. They have their own team of employees who does it for them.