Driving and Travel Styles in Europe

How is driving in Europe? Well, there is nothing exotic about driving in this place. For your information, British drive on the left. Distances and speeds are in kilometers. There is no difference of filling the tank in Europe and in America, whether diesel or gas. Except, of course, it is in Euros and liters, unlike dollars and gallons in the USA. Do not overreact to Europe’s high cost of gas. Over here, cars get great mileage and distances are short. Here are some navigation basics.

In Germany, Zentrum means center while a big letter P means parking. Ausfahrt is German for exit. Also, color coding and arrows point you in the right direction. Europe provides rental cars, and these have insurance policy. It is good to use the freeway when you are in hurry. Like most of European places, Germany is laced with super freeways. In Germany and throughout Northern Europe, the autobahn is toll free. But in France and countries south of Germany, super freeways usually come with tolls.

On the Germany’s autobahn, you will learn how to drive quickly because fast driving is considered a civil liberty. The fast lane is used only for passing. As such, Mercedes on your tailpipe and Cruise in the left lane. Centers in the old towns are increasingly difficult to drive in. But most importantly, drive as close as you can and find a place to park and confirm your park legally. Do not make trouble in parking. A good luck to your adventure in Europe!