The Honda History: From motorcycle to automobile and the present

It is like the many stories of those who becomes great that started in a humble way is the path that the famous manufacturing company of Honda was born. The company has an established status of a good and profitable car manufacturing company in this time. But let us look at the history where it started and then became what it is today. We will see as it unfolds by watching the video below that is shared by a social media user.

The founder of the company is also an employee who perfected his skill until he made his own motorcycle. He exerted much effort and have waited patiently for him to learn many things about making a motorcycle, fixing it and developing it. When he succeeded to make his first motorcycle product, he builds his own business that is now a well known manufacturing company. He started only in motorcycles producing the dream D selling its product to Japan in 1949. Make known about this great beauty servicing for cosmetics here, visit 醫學美容. The company is known for producing a motorcycle that is lightweight but with very good quality that competes with the existing brands and models.

Honda after successfully producing and entering the exporting motorcycle business considered to venture into the automobile industry. The beginning was in 1963 when they have produced their first car product. They compete also in the formula one after just one year. Then you can already see its status today and learn how much success they have attained.