Rise and Fall of MG Rover

The rise and fall of the Morris Garage has a dramatic change in the history of cars in this age. Now that people are making more and more branded cars, the old car arose up and beat all the others. How did the MG Rover rose and fell and then rose again?

The origin of the Rover Company started in the United Kingdom as a bicycle company in 1878 by John Kemp Starley and William Sutton. Even though the company started as a bicycle company, it grew as car company from the beginning of 1904. In 1922, the company was established as MG Rover. In 1948, the  Land Rover was produced  by this. In 1967, Rover owned Rover and under its control, Rover was named Rover Group. In 1988, Land Rover was passed on into the hands  of the British Aerospace. In 1994, British Aerospace sold the company to BMW. MG Rover was then established in Longbridge.

Around that that time, the company went bankrupt but retained the brand name MG and this was sold to Ford in 2006. Ford was also not able to raise the company and the company was endorsed to Tata Motors and this was now the beginning of the rising again. It was around that time when the SAIC bought technology and equipment from the company plus the MG brand. This is now the beginning of its rising again as the best automotive vehicle in the world, the most recognized sports car in the years to come. The modern image of the MG Rover is like SUV of the modern era.